Viewpoints of the Colorado River: Hance Creek, Grand Canyon

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Hance Creek, Grand Canyon
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Grandview is a relatively well used trail into the Grand Canyon, starting at the southernmost part of the South Rim, and descending 2,500 feet to an old mine site on Horseshoe Mesa, from where three other paths drop down further and link with different sections of the Tonto Trail. The Colorado River is still well over 1,000 feet below, but can be reached by difficult routes down two drainages; Cottonwood Creek, and the more scenic Hance Creek, which contains several pretty narrows sections through pinkish granite, and two major obstacles caused by waterfalls. The drainage meets the river just upstream of Sockdolager Rapids; the total journey from the Grandview trailhead is 8.5 miles, descending 4,860 feet.

Hance Creek - full description


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