Viewpoints of the Colorado River: Water Holes Canyon

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Water Holes Canyon
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2.5 miles south of the famous overlook of Horseshoe Bend, the Colorado River in Glen Canyon flows round a similar but slightly wider curve, opposite the end of Waterholes Canyon, a sizeable tributary that upstream forms several pretty narrow sections. A viewpoint at the edge of the rim of the main canyon can be reached by walking cross country from US 89 for 2 miles, over dead flat, sandy ground, and the scenery is quite spectacular, including jumbled gullies and ridges around the lower end of Waterholes Canyon, the irregular Echo Peaks to the west, and the more distant Vermilion Cliffs, beyond Lees Ferry. The land adjoining this section of Glen Canyon is part of the Navajo Indian Reservation, so a $5 hiking permit is necessary.

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