Viewpoints of the Colorado River: Badger Canyon, Marble Canyon

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Badger Canyon
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Badger Canyon and Jackass Creek are two opposite, equally sized tributaries joining the Colorado 3.5 river miles south of the US 89A crossing at Navajo Bridge. Jackass contains some narrows and dryfalls in the middle, but can be descended without too much effort, allowing hikers to reach the river after a 2.4 mile walk from the highway. Badger however contains several sheer falls so ropes are required to reach the Colorado via this route, though rim walking leads to a good overlook. One other point of interest is the rare pediocactus bradyi, a cactus species found only on the rim of Badger Canyon and a few other nearby locations, along a 25 mile stretch of the Colorado gorge.

Badger Canyon - full description
Jackass Creek - full description


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