Viewpoints of the Colorado River: Red Lake Canyon, Canyonlands National Park

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Red Lake Canyon, Canyonlands National Park
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Red Lake Canyon provides a route for the only official trail to the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park - a strenuous, 9.5 mile journey (less 3.5 miles if driving part of the way along a 4WD track), descending 1,600 feet. The hike is possible as a day trip, during cooler seasons, though a primitive campsite is available by the river for those staying overnight. Right opposite the end of the canyon is Spanish Bottom, a flat, bushy basin adjoining the river, which may be reached by a very remote trail in the Maze district of the park. The slopes on the east side of the river, around the end of the Red Lake Canyon Trail, are not so steep, allowing continuation hikes; south, and more usually north, where a faint path leads 3 miles all the way to the confluence with the Green River.

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