Viewpoints of the Colorado River: Little Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park

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Little Yellowstone Little Yellowstone
The Colorado River, a mile from its source

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The 44 featured viewpoints of the Colorado River are either close to a road or reachable by day hikes, mostly along maintained paths, sometimes cross-country - though perhaps the best way to see the most spectacular sections of the river, within the canyonlands of Arizona and Utah, is by boat.

The great Colorado River, 1,450 miles long, starts at La Poudre Pass Lake, a little pond just south of La Poudre Pass, along the western edge of Rocky Mountain National Park in north Colorado. The lake and the pass are reachable by driving along unpaved forest tracks, or by a 6.5 mile hike starting along Trail Ridge Road (US 34) in the national park. The first part of the trail, to the site of the old settlement of Lulu City, is very popular, but not many people continue, as the path becomes steeper, climbing to a small summit known as Little Yellowstone, where it meets the forest track; the lake is one mile further north.

Lulu City/Little Yellowstone Trail - full description


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