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Map of Hikes & Trails in Yellowstone National Park
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Route Descriptions for all Trails in Yellowstone

Southeast - West Thumb Geyser Basin and the southern mountains
East - Canyon, Yellowstone Lake and the high country further east
North - Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower/Roosevelt and sites further north
West - Madison Junction and Norris Geyser Basin
Southwest - the Upper, Midway & Lower geyser basins, and longer trails to Yellowstone's 'Cascade Corner'

Other Yellowstone Maps

Hiking in the North - Mammoth and Tower Hiking in the Southwest - the Geyser Basins Hiking in the West - Madison and Norris Hiking in the East - Canyon and Lake Hiking in the Southeast - West Thumb and the Southeast Mountainsr A map of the Lower, Midway and Upper Geyser Basins is given on the Madison - Upper Geyser Basin section, and of the upper end of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in the Canyon section.

PDFPDF format map of Yellowstone National Park, from the National Park Service (1.5 mb), with separate maps of the Mammoth, Old Faithful, Canyon, West Thumb and Fishing Bridge areas.
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