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Echo Canyon Echo Canyon
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Most of Zion National Park's ravines, though very deep, are not quite as narrow as some other slot canyons, but Echo Canyon is an exception; the passages are just a few feet across in places, enclosed by high, reddish-grey cliffs, somewhat overhanging in places, so that much of the narrows are rather dark and gloomy, though enlivened by patches of bright green moss. The busy East Rim Trail to Observation Point crosses the drainage near the lower end, but not many people hike into the slot, which starts with some long pools and several chokestones. The upper end is a technical canyon, requiring ropes to explore, but around half a mile of the lower section can be seen without any equipment, though the hike is still not so easy.

Location: Reached by the East Rim Trail, starting at the Weeping Rock trailhead in Zion Canyon - details


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