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Kolob Creek
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Kolob Creek is one of the largest tributaries of the North Fork of the Virgin River in Zion National Park, and carries much water, originating from Kolob Reservoir and the upper reaches of Kolob Plateau. The creek forms a deep canyon, starting via a sequence of falls and pools that need great skill to descend, though the majority of the narrows are fairly level, and can be reached by a separate, cross-country route, itself long and rather steep. The scenery is the same as for the famous Zion Narrows, with little cascades, deeper pools, and dark passageways alternating with slightly wider sections where trees and bushes grow on sandbanks. Like the Zion Narrows, the hiking season is short, from summer to early fall.

Location: Accessed from the West Rim Trailhead in Zion National Park, via a 2.6 mile hike, partly off-trail - details


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