Top 25 Southwest USA Slot Canyons: Antelope Canyon

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Antelope Canyon
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By far the most famous Southwest slot canyon, Antelope is a minor drainage that meets Lake Powell a few miles east of Page on the Navajo reservation of north Arizona, forming several sections of narrows of which two are usually explored, a short distance upstream and downstream of the highway 98 crossing - this after payment of the fees, which are in excess of $30 per person. Tourists are transported to the upper, shorter slot (which extends just 500 feet) in Navajo jeeps, while the less visited lower narrows are reached by a short walk; they are longer and slope down more steeply, so ladders are installed in some places. A few other slots are found further upstream, viewable, at even higher cost, on special tours. The main narrows are certainly very beautiful, just a little spoilt by the large number of visitors.

Location: Three miles east of Page along Hwy 98 - details


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