Top 25 Southwest USA Slot Canyons: Upper Chute Canyon and Baptist Draw

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Chute Canyon Baptist Draw
Chute Canyon

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The featured slot canyons are all on the Colorado Plateau of north Arizona and south Utah, and are chosen for being the prettiest, deepest and longest, as well being accessible by regular vehicles, and for being all or mostly explorable without use of ropes or other equipment.

Chute Canyon is a long drainage in the San Rafael Swell of central Utah, and its lower section is moderately enclosed, often explored via a loop with adjacent Crack Canyon, but a 4 mile section further upstream is much deeper, darker and narrower - probably the best slot in the area. The Baptist Draw tributary has some similar, shorter narrows, and while both also contain various obstacles, a fair amount can be seen without any equipment, though still with some effort. The passageways have a good variety of colors, rock textures and erosional forms.

Location: 23 miles south of I-70 along dirt tracks, mostly on Temple Mountain Road - details


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