Top 25 Southwest USA Slot Canyons: Davis Gulch

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Davis Gulch Davis Gulch
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The Davis Gulch slot canyon is not easy to reach, requiring a drive of 50 miles along the sometimes rough Hole-in-the-Rock Road, the main access to the western Escalante drainage region. But once here, slot is quick to enter, beginning just 400 feet from the road, and is very narrow for nearly all its one mile length. The narrows contain chokestones and dryfalls, and require sometimes strenuous downclimbing to negotiate; some people may need short ropes. Although the rocks are not too colorful - dull red and grey, the tightness of the passages and the variety of erosional forms makes the gulch one of the best slots in the area. The narrows open out abruptly beyond a higher dryfall, giving way to a much wider lower gorge, which contains one notable feature: Bement Arch, a graceful span projecting out from the rim.

Location: Near the south end of Hole-in-the-Rock Road, 55 miles from Escalante - details


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