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The Wasatch Range runs north-south for over 130 miles and provides an impressive backdrop for the main populated area in Utah; from Ogden through Salt Lake City to Provo and beyond, the mountains rise very steeply from the flat desert plains, with several peaks over 11,000 feet. One of the most interesting regions is just northeast of Orem, centered on Mount Timpanogos, the second highest summit in the range; attractions include the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, several spectacular canyons with a very narrow, winding scenic drive (the Alpine Loop), interesting natural features like Cascade Springs and Bridal Veil Falls, and numerous opportunities for hiking, camping, climbing, fishing & ATV use.

Mount Timpanogos region map
Map of the Mount Timpanogos Region
Timpanogos Cave National Monument Alpine Loop Cascade Springs


Mount Timpanogos is separated from adjacent peaks in the Wasatch Range by two deep, west-aligned canyons; American Fork and Provo, both emerging from the hills next to the correspondingly named towns. State highway 92 (known as 11000 North Street in the urban area) follows the northernmost of these, besides American Fork Creek for several miles then heads south, round the far side of the mountains through the Uinta National Forest to the Provo River where it joins US 189 between Provo and Heber City. There are two paved side roads heading further west, plus a network of unpaved tracks, ATV routes and hiking trails. An entrance charge was introduced for the Alpine Loop in 2000, and the 2011 fee is $3 per vehicle.

Mount Timpanogos Hotels

The nearest towns with hotels close to the Mount Timpanogos region are American Fork, Lehi and Orem.
Highlights: Scenic section of the Wasatch Mountains, centered on 11,749 foot Mount Timpanogos. A narrow road (Alpine Loop) crosses part of the range, giving access to many trailheads, overlooks, campsites and forest tracks
Nearest city with hotels: American Fork, Orem
Management: USFS - part of Uinta National Forest
Location: 40.402, -111.596 (Alpine Loop)
Seasons: Spring, summer, fall - winter brings heavy snowfall

Mount Timpanogos Region - Locations

  • Alpine Loop - narrow, winding scenic drive through the Timpanogos Mountains
  • Cascade Springs - pretty series of springs and travertine pools
  • Timpanogos Cave National Monument - central attraction of the area
  • Mount Timpanogos Region - Photographs

    Photographs: Mount Timpanogos region, Timpanogos Cave National Monument
    Formations in Timpanogos Cave
    Stream at Cascade Springs
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    Wasatch Mountain State Park (20 miles) - most popular state park in Utah, on the east side of the Wasatch Range
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    Nebo Loop Scenic Byway - winding road through the southern Wasatch Range



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