Slot Canyon Location Map

Map of the main hiking regions and slot canyon locations of the central Colorado Plateau, Utah and Arizona. Click on the red dots to link to the description for a particular slot canyon.

Slot Canyons Map

Milkweed Canyon Hindu Canyon Cathedral Wash Jackass Creek Tanner Wash Water Holes Canyon Antelope Canyon Butterfly Canyon Upper Kaibito Creek Upper Kaibito Creek, East Fork Starting Water Wash Stateline Canyon Blue Pool Wash Paria River Buckskin Gulch Wire Pass Lick Wash Starlight Canyon Cottonwood Wash Round Valley Draw Bull Valley Gorge Willis Creek Kanarra Creek Spring Creek Taylor Creek, Middle Fork Kolob Creek North Creek, Left Fork Zion Canyon Narrows Orderville Canyon Echo Canyon Hidden Canyon Pine Creek Clear Creek Misery Canyon Parunuweap Canyon Mineral Gulch Little Death Hollow Neon Canyon Big Horn Canyon Red Breaks Harris Wash Egypt 3 Coyote Gulch, Dry Fork Peekaboo Gulch Brimstone Gulch Spooky Gulch Davis Gulch Llewellyn Gulch Moonshine Wash Professor Creek Grand Wash Burro Wash Cottonwood Wash Five Mile Wash Smith Fork Swett Creek Maidenwater Canyon North Wash Death Canyon Butler Canyon Poison Spring Canyon Rock Canyon Fry Canyon Cheesebox Canyon White Canyon Fortknocker Canyon Gravel Canyon Muddy Creek Forgotten Canyon Devils Canyon Crawford Draw Eardley Canyon Iron Wash, North Fork Baptist Draw/Upper Chute Canyon Cistern and Ramp Canyons Ding and Dang Canyons Bell Canyon Little Wild Horse Canyon Crack Canyon Zion National Park North Lake Powell Death Valley Sedona Page Paria River Paria River San Rafael Swell Capitol Reef Grand Canyon Escalante River Sand Wash (Red Cave) Poverty Wash Red Hollow Spring Hollow Booker Canyon Red Canyon Blue John Canyon Trachyte Creek Trail Canyon Keyhole Canyon Long Canyon Sheets Gulch Sulphur Creek Hog Canyon Holeman Slot Music Canyon Escalante River Slot Canyon Water Canyon Elkhart Cliffs Canyon North Fork of Maidenwater Canyon Spencer Canyon Farnsworth Canyon Trachyte Point Canyon North Trachyte Point Canyon Bullfrog Bay Canyon Yankee Doodle Hollow
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