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Below is a list of all cacti found in Texas; the main species first, those with a photograph and full description page, followed by all other species, generally less common.

Acanthocereus tetragonus, barbed-wire cactus (TX)
Ancistrocactus brevihamatus, Short-spined fishhook cactus (TX)
Ancistrocactus scheeri, Root cactus (TX)
Astrophytum asterias, Star cactus (TX)
Coryphantha chaffeyi, Chaffey beehive cactus (TX)
Coryphantha dasyacantha, mountain cob cactus (TX)
Coryphantha duncanii, Duncan beehive cactus (TX)
Coryphantha echinus, Texas pincushion or sea urchin cactus (TX)
Coryphantha ramillosa, Big Bend cory cactus (TX)
Coryphantha scheeri, giant pincushion cactus (AZ, NM, TX)
Coryphantha sulcata, grooved beehive cactus (TX)
Cylindropuntia davisii, Thistle cholla (NM, OK, TX)
Cylindropuntia tunicata, Icicle cholla (TX)
Echinocereus berlandieri, Berlandier's hedgehog cactus (TX)
Echinocereus chisoensis, Chisos Mountain hedgehog cactus (TX)
Echinocereus papillosus, Allicoche hedgehog cactus (TX)
Echinocereus pectinatus, Mexican rainbow cactus (AZ, NM, TX)
Echinocereus poselgeri, dahlia hedgehog cactus (TX)
Echinocereus pseudopectinatus, devil thorn (TX)
Echinomastus gautii, top cactus (TX)
Echinomastus intertextus, woven spine pineapple cactus (AZ, NM, TX)
Echinomastus mariposensis, Lloyd's fishhook cactus (TX)
Echinomastus warnockii, Warnock's fishhook cactus (TX)
Epithelantha bokei, ping pong ball cactus (TX)
Epithelantha micromeris, button cactus (TX)
Escobaria albicolumnaria, column foxtail cactus (TX)
Escobaria dasyacantha, Big Bend foxtail cactus (TX)
Escobaria duncanii, Duncan's foxtail cactus (TX)
Escobaria emskoetteriana, junior tom thumb cactus (TX)
Escobaria guadalupensis, Guadalupe Mountain foxtail cactus (TX)
Escobaria hesteri, Hester's foxtail cactus (TX)
Escobaria minima, Nellie beehive cactus (TX)
Escobaria missouriensis, Missouri foxtail cactus (AZ, CO, ID, KS, MT, ND, NE, NM, OK, SD, TX, WY)
Escobaria sneedii, Sneed's pincushion cactus (NM, TX)
Glandulicactus uncinatus, Chihuahuan fishhook cactus (TX)
Grusonia schottii, common dog cholla (TX)
Hamatocactus bicolor, twisted-rib cactus (TX)
Lophophora williamsi, peyote (TX)
Mammillaria lasiacantha, lacespine pincushion cactus (NM, TX)
Mammillaria prolifera, Texas pincushion cactus (TX)
Mammillaria sphaerica, longmamma pincushion cactus (TX)
Mammillaria wrightii, Wright's nipple cactus (AZ, NM, TX)
Neolloydia conoidea, Texas cone cactus (TX)
Opuntia atrispina, border prickly pear (TX)
Opuntia chisosensis, Chisos Mountain prickly pear (TX)
Opuntia cymochila, grassland prickly pear (CO, KS, NE, NM, OK, TX)
Opuntia humifusa, eastern prickly pear (OK, TX, KS, NE, SD)
Opuntia pusilla, cockspur prickly pear (TX)

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