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Echinocereus pentalophus is primarily a Mexican species, but its range extends to far south Texas, along the coast around Brownsville, inland along the Rio Grande to McAllen and north towards Corpus Christi. The narrow green stems, one inch or less in diameter, have 5 (sometimes 4) ribs, with evenly-spaced clusters of 4 to 7 short white or yellowish spines, one of which is a little longer and more central.

The plant branches profusely, the stems growing sideways along or close to the ground, becoming several feet long, and they produce many large pink flowers - sometimes nearly 6 inches across, in late spring, followed by green fruits. There are several varieties (in Mexico) which have shorter, more upright stems.

Scientific name: Echinocereus pentalophus
Common name: Ladyfinger cactus, allicoche
Range: South Texas, from Brownsville to Corpus Christi
Form: Clusters of long, narrow stems, growing along the ground
Habitat: Scrubland, coastal flats, pine woods
Flowers: Pink, magenta, with yellow-white centers
Green stems
Sprawling cluster

Cluster with buds
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