North Coast of California: Enderts Beach, Redwood National Park

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Enderts Beach, Redwood National Park
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Enderts Beach marks the north end of California's redwood coast, and is the last point where the Pacific is bordered by steep, wooded hills; for the remaining 20 miles from here to the Oregon stateline, the land adjoining the ocean is mostly sand dunes or grassy flats. The beach, part of Redwood National Park, is reached by driving 2 miles along a quiet side road, branching off US 101 just south of Crescent Junction. One short path descends to the ocean, while another - the long Coastal Trail - heads south into Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. The beach is usually foggy and wind-swept, and extends south for half a mile to an impassable promontory. About half way along, Nickel Creek emerges from a narrow gully framed by black rocks, ending in a brackish pool containing large, bleached pieces of driftwood.

Location: Redwood National Park


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