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Lost Coast
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North of Fort Bragg and MacKerricher State Park, Highway 1 stays beside the Pacific Ocean for another 20 miles, passing no other preserves apart from a small state beach, before moving inland, and the next 75 miles are essentially roadless, known as the Lost Coast on account of the remoteness and lack of settlement. The inaccessibility is due to the steep peaks of the King Range, some of which rise to 3,000 feet less than 2 miles from the ocean; only two dead-end roads lead to the shore, one to the town of Shelter Cove, the other to Mattole Beach near Petrolia. This latter is the main entry point to the Lost Coast for hikers, and a 25 mile path runs south towards Shelter Cove, the first few miles passing the ruins of Punta Gorda Lighthouse, and much spectacular scenery.

Location: Lost Coast


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