Top Hoodoo Locations: 6, Blue Canyon, Arizona

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Blue Canyon, Arizona
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Moenkopi Wash is a major drainage across the Hopi and Navajo reservations of northeast Arizona, and one small section known as Blue Canyon has become popularized in recent years on account of the amazing rock formations found here; they are mostly red and white rather than blue, though the adjacent cliffs are bluish, and the two primary colors are combined in many ways to form a great variety of patterns, while the rocks are eroded into innumerable different shapes. The area is reached by a 15 mile drive on dirt tracks, and a recent change in regulations means that all visitors have to be accompanied by a Hopi guide. The interesting section is about one mile square but there are many little ridges and gullies, and a long time could be spent exploring.

Location: On the Hopi Reservation, along a track between Red Lake Trading Post and Hwy 264 - details


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