Top Hoodoo Locations: 7, Wahweap Hoodoos, Utah

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Wahweap Hoodoos, Utah Wahweap Hoodoos, Utah
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The Wahweap Hoodoos in south Utah are close to the similar but better known Paria Rimrocks, though less easily reached, requiring either a 4.6 mile hike or a drive along 4WD tracks. The hoodoos and eroded mounds are if anything even more spectacular and varied; the best formations consist of tall, slender, fluted white columns topped by unusual conglomerate caprocks, and they extend along a half mile section of the low cliffs bordering the wide valley of Wahweap Creek, on the west side. The hike to this place also passes a few short slot canyons.

Location: Hike starting at Big Water, along US 89 - details


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