Top Hoodoo Locations: 17, Ceja Pelon Mesa, New Mexico

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Ceja Pelon Mesa, New Mexico Ceja Pelon Mesa, New Mexico
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Like several other locations in northwest New Mexico, Ceja Pelon Mesa has a varied mix of badlands, ravines, hoodoos and petrified wood, extending over several miles at the base of a low escarpment. The best formations are isolated and take some time to find, by cross-country hikes starting along the access road, a dirt track west of the town of Cuba. The underlying rocks are the Nacimiento Formation, colored many muted shades of grey, brown and red, and the hoodoos are formed by either hard sandstone or petrified wood atop thinner, softer mudstone columns.

Location: 17 miles west of Cuba, partly on unpaved roads - details


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