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Located close to I-15 near Cedar City, Cedar Breaks National Monument contains a steep, bowl-shaped cliff face eroded into the west side of the Markagunt Plateau, similar to Bryce Canyon National Park (though much less visited), with colorful strata and many strange rock shapes. The access road (UT 148) circles the cliff edge from which the spectacular limestone formations can be seen, extending 2,000 feet downwards and 3 miles across, all eroded from the Claron Formation of the Pink Cliffs - the highest and most geologically recent component of the great series of escarpments that stretches eastwards across south Utah, known as the Grand Staircase. Some areas of the cliffs are even more brightly colored than at Bryce Canyon, and present an enchanting mixture of delicate shades of red, yellow, white, pink and orange, like the icing on a extravagant wedding cake.

Cedar Breaks Map:

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Cedar Breaks National Monument can be reached from four directions. In the north, UT 143 climbs quite steeply from Parowan on I-15, passing the Brian Head ski resort and into the northern part of the national monument, then turning away west, through more hilly woodland to Panguitch near Red Canyon. The other road is UT 14, approaching from Cedar City up a steep canyon - it ascends 4,000 feet in 18 miles, and once past the turning to Cedar Breaks continues to US 89 at Long Valley Junction. The scenic drive through the monument reaches a summit of 10,400 feet, and all of the surroundings are of similar height, so during the winter the area receives heavy snowfall, which often does not melt completely until July when maximum temperatures are only around 70 °F. For this reason, the road through the park is normally closed to vehicles between November and April.


Besides the immediate spectacle, the views further westwards from the cliffs are also dramatic, extending to the Nevada desert on clear days. During spring and summer, the Alpine-like meadows on the plateau become filled with grasses and brightly colored wildflowers. A small campground, open during the summer only, is located near Point Supreme within the park, but even in August, the nighttime temperatures may still fall below freezing. Hiking in Cedar Breaks National Monument is quite limited as there are no trails down the cliff face, but short walks along the rim and through pine forests lead to several alternative viewpoints. So, there is not that much to do but this is a pleasant place to rest and camp for a while in the summer.


Within the national monument there is one main trail along the rim and another through woodland to a sheltered pond. Spectra Point/Ramparts Overlook is an easy two mile hike, starting from the visitor center, heading along the cliff edge for a short distance then on to a promontory that juts out into the southern part of the amphitheater. In contrast, the Alpine Ponds Trail has no major viewpoints of the formations but instead encounters trees, meadows, flowers and wildlife en route to a tranquil pool fed by meting snow. Just beyond the north edge of the monument, a longer trail (Rattlesnake Creek) descends through forests of fir, spruce and aspen into the Ashdown Gorge Wilderness, a remote region centered around a steep, narrow limestone ravine. Wildflowers are abundant along the path, especially the upper part, and it offers occasional distant views of the Cedar Breaks cliffs, eventually descending into the red rock formations.

Cedar Breaks Hotels

The nearest town with hotels close to Cedar Breaks National Monument is Cedar City - follow the link for hotel descriptions and location map.
Highlights: Steep, high elevation cliff face at the west side of the Markagunt Plateau, eroded to expose colorful rocks, hoodoos and ridges, similar to the better known Bryce Canyon
Nearest city with hotels: Cedar City, 20 miles
Management: NPS
Location: 37.612, -112.837 (visitor center)
Seasons: May to October - Hwy 148 is closed by snow in winter and early spring

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  • photograph
    North side of the basin
    Ridge below North View

    Multicolored hillside
    Flowers and woodland
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