Hechtia Texensis

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Hechtia texensis, a bromeliad, grows in north central Mexico and the Big Bend region of far west Texas, where it resembles agave lechuguilla, but is easily distinguished by the rich red color of its leaves - either the whole upper surface, or just the edges and tips. The upwards pointing leaves are tapering, 1 to 1.5 inches wide at the base, up to 17 inches long and lined by a regular array of large teeth (lechuguilla have no teeth). In arid conditions leaf tips may turn brown and become shriveled. The small, brownish-white springtime flowers are borne on a branched stalk about 2 feet tall. New plants sprout from the base.

Scientific name: Hechtia texensis
Common name: Texas false agave
Range: Big Bend area of west Texas
Form: Small rosettes, forming clusters
Habitat: Limestone terraces, gravel flats
Flowers: Pale brown, whitish; in clusters along a branched stalk
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