Mammillaria Tetrancistra

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Mammillaria tetrancistra is characterised by its many (20 to 60) small white radial spines, which completely cover the green stem, while the 3 to 4 central spines are red, hooked and much longer. The plant forms small clusters, usually with fewer than ten stems but sometimes as many as 30. The maximum length of each stem is 6 inches. Pink flowers appear in spring or summer, followed by red fruits, 1 inch long.

Scientific name: Mammillaria tetrancistra
Common name: Common fishhook, many spined fishhook, corkyseed fishhook
Range: Southeast California, south Nevada, extreme southeast Utah, west and south Arizona
Form: Single, or small clusters
Habitat: Dry areas; rock, sand or gravel
Flowers: Light pink, with darker pink stripes; 1 inch or more across
Three heads
Three heads
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