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Also considered as a variety of echinocereus fendleri, Leding's hedgehog is a rare species found in scattered locations in southeast Arizona, between 4,000 and 6,500 feet, such as the Chiricahua and Pinaleno mountain ranges. The plant is quite distinctive, not resembling other hedgehog species in this area; it forms small clusters of tall, thin, cylindrical stems, each up to 18 by 8 inches in dimensions, covered by thick, golden yellow spines, which become darker with age. The central spines number up to 11, and curve downwards slightly. The green color of the stems is usually visible, though in dry conditions the plants shrink, and appear more densely spined.

Scientific name: Echinocereus ledingii
Common name: Leding's hedgehog
Range: Graham and Cochise counties, southeast Arizona
Form: Open clusters, of up to 15 stems
Habitat: Woodland, chaparral, rocky hillsides
Flowers: Pink, magenta
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