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The flat-topped, spherical or cylindrical stems of coryphantha recurvata measure up to 6 inches across and are often found clustered together in colonies of up to 50, taking up several square feet. Stems have a dense covering of short yellowish spines, less than one inch long - 1 or 2 centrals (slightly curved and pointing downwards) and up to 15 radials, all of which grow on small green tubercles not arranged in rows, though these are largely obscured by the spiny exterior.

A profusion of yellow flowers appears in midsummer, in rings near the apex, complementing the golden yellow of the spines. In this respect the plant differs from most other coryphantha species which bloom right at the growing tip.

Scientific name: Coryphantha recurvata
Common name: Santa Cruz beehive cactus, golden pincushion
Range: Santa Cruz country, far south Arizona; in the mountains around Nogales
Form: Globular, eventually forming large mounds
Habitat: Woodland and rocky hillsides up to 6,000 feet elevation
Flowers: Greenish yellow with red parts underneath
Stem with two offsets

Slender specimen
Tall plant
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