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Yucca treculeana grows over a large area of New Mexico and Texas, from the arid Chihuahuan Desert, across the Hill Country to the Gulf Coast, east nearly as far as Houston. Plants grow large (up to 20 feet tall) and tree like, branching quite readily, both from the base and from higher up the trunk. Leaves are long-lasting so the rosettes become elongated, and dead leaves persist all or most of the way along the stem, resulting in a shaggy, irregular appearance.

The rigid, yellow green or blue green leaves are curved in cross-section, and typically 2/3 to 2 inches in width and 15 to 50 inches in length. They usually have filaments along the edges, and a small spine at the tip. Some authorities consider yucca treculeana to be a synonym of yucca torreyi.

Scientific name: Yucca treculeana
Common name: Don Quixote's lace, Spanish dagger, palma pita
Range: South New Mexico, west and south Texas
Form: Large, elongated rosettes; branched and tree-like
Habitat: Grassland, chaparral, rocky slopes, coastal flats
Flowers: Cream, sometimes tinged purple
Tall, branched specimen
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