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Totem Pole, Monument Valley
Kayenta is the gateway city to the world famous Monument Valley, the middle of which lies 22 miles north along US 163, spanning the Utah/Arizona stateline. The immediate surroundings are also quite scenic; the city is surrounded by sandy desert plains interrupted by occasional red sandstone outcrops and eroded volcanic peaks, with the high, wooded slopes of Black Mesa to the south. All this area is part of the Navajo Indian Reservation, where the few major towns are widely separated, and Kayenta is a major center for people living up to 50 miles away.

Most shops, gas stations and other facilities (including a small airport) are located along US 160 across the south edge of the city; the area to the north is mostly residential, with schools and a health center. Kayenta is also close (31 miles) to one of the least visited NPS units in the state - Navajo National Monument, which preserves several ancient cliff dwellings.

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Map of Hotels in Kayenta, AZ
Kayenta Hotels
1.★★★★★Hampton Inn of Monument Valley
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